Category: vintage tamagotchi

This is also an American 20th anniversary edition P1, but the shell design is totally new. I really like it.

In 2018 Bandai America relaunched 1996-1997 originals. This is a replica of a wave 1 shell.

The clock shell design is classic.

This one is a beauty: transparent blue P1.

How adorable are both of the little characters saying “tamagotch” at the same time!? 💛

This is a Japanese 20th anniversary edition P1. I love these ones, because the buttons are way more responsive than the originals.

I’m really glad I have this collector’s edition P1! Golden looks great with red!

I love this P1’s shell design. It’s so kawaii!

Onto the vintages. This is the very first P1 I’ve added to my collection. I love its vibrant colors!