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Unipegasatchi is my fave 🦄🌈⭐️

I love using the Tamagotchi Meets app to marry off my tamas to other already-mixed tamas! This one turned out so cute 💚

Decided to take inventory on my tamagotchis today. I have collected 28 of them since 2005! Still have lots more that I’d like to get someday…


• 1 v2

• 2 v3’s

• 1 v4

• 1 v4.5

• 1 v5

• 2 Music Stars

• 1 Tama-Go

• 2 Tamagotchi Friends

• 2 Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town

• 3 iDL’s (one is Princess Spacey ver.)

• 3 P’s

• 1 4U

• 6 M!xes (spacey, melody, Sanrio, anniversary, gift, and dream)

• 2 Meets (fairy + magical)


🍕 🦄 🌈

Well. Here is Santa-Makiko… I really hoped to keep more of Makiko’s features but oh well lol.

This is going to be interesting… 😛🎅🏼

Mix update!

After severely neglecting my new Gift Mix, I finally got Makiko! I’m not sure who I want to marry her to yet…

And on my Anniversary Mix, I got the cuuuuutest little rose princess! 💕🌸

Got an Anniversary Gift Mix for Christmas from my husband ❤️💚 Happy Holidays everyone!!!


I got these super cute tamagotchi crochet cases in the mail today!! These are from a shop on Etsy called OnceUponAHookAndYarn, and they’re perfect & so well made! 😍💕