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Snack time. 🍬

Currently running. ❤️💙

Tamagotchi Oden-kun is based on an anime also called Oden-kun. It is really similar to Keitais, but with different and unique characters.🍢🥚🍜

How cute is Kuchipatchi wearing a black power hairstyle? 😍

I love this rising star shell design! ✨⭐✨

Onto the V6s, also known as Tamagotchi Music Star. This is one of my favorite connection versions. I love helping my character to develop his/her musical skills, then joining a band, and also performing in live concerts. It’s simply awesome! 🎼🎶🎵


This is my only Japanese Familitchi/Famitama. I really like the key charm, and the Earth shell design. 🌍