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Got my English Gudetama Tamagotchi today! I’ll have more photos and stuff soon.


I’m currently running all 5 of my Mixes along with my new Meets! The Himespetchi + Kikitchi mix is my favorite ⭐️

I think I’m going to pause my mixes soon and start up my P’s again. It’s been a while since I’ve played with them, and I miss all the extra stuff there is to do on the P’s vs. the Mix. The deco pierces make them so fun!


Add me on the Tamagotchi Meets app! ✨


My Tamagotchi Meets FINALLY arrived today!!!!! 💚

I’m super excited for all of the new features, especially the app!! ⭐️


The Mini evolves into Mametchi!

Nothing like good ol’ tamamail to bright…

Nothing like good ol’ tamamail to brighten my day. More lanyards too! I love the pink one 😍
I’ve got one more package in the mail, and that’ll be it for the year 😪😭. No more gotchis for 2018. Taking this years collection pic is gonna take time and effort, I can tell already 😂😂

Introducing the latest addition to my collecti…

Introducing the latest addition to my collection: a Japanese Tamagotchi Mini!

I got it really cheap from JapanYouWant because the original box was damaged. As it’s the Japanese version, it has a secret character that the US one didn’t at the time. Also, I noticed that instead of taking a screw like the US version and the 2017 rerelease, this takes a pressure tab like the TamagoChu and the Tamagotchi Nano.

Also, I compared it to the shell it’s based on. The Mini has much sharper printing, so all the little details of the characters stand out much better than the original. Also, one character on the right side of the shell was changed.

These are the two Hong Kong special edition Ta…

These are the two Hong Kong special edition Tamagotchi toys from 1997.

The one on the left is the more commonly known unit, which was produced to celebrate Hong Kong’s transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom in 1997.

The one on the right is the less commonly-known one. It was produced to celebrate 20 years of Bandai’s Hong Kong branch, and was a generation 2 unit. It also had a special Bandai logo background, which was significant because it was the only P1 or P2 unit ever produced to deviate from the default backgrounds.

I swear, every time I think I’ve found every p…

I swear, every time I think I’ve found every piece of information about any Tamagotchi, I find something completely out of the blue that I could never have accounted for. For example, this limited edition Keitai Tamagotchi Plus that came with a designer nail set, which I stumbled upon a few hours ago while trying to track down Asian V2 shells.