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Cocotama is here!

Just a few thoughts I’ve had about it so far:
• it’s very cute, and it’s beeps are musical but it’s much noisier than a tama.
• lots of Japanese text, so there is some features I can’t really enjoy.
• it’s like the tamagotchi p’s in the sense that it was probably marketed for girls.
• though the little orange hamster character is more neural than the pink hamster.
• its step counting mechanism is very sensitive; just picking it up will count as a few steps.
• the four buttons (select, backspace, scroll forwards, scroll backwards) are a wonderful idea.

All in all its a very cute device but I still like my tamas best 💗.

I’ll be getting the same color. Can’t wait for it!

Congrats! You made a good choice – I think the cocotama is the best pedometer pet because you can unlock so much cute stuff as the step count builds.