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Tama mail! Probably the biggest Tamagotchi haul of my life!

There’s a European P1, an Umino Tama (Japanese Tamagotchi Ocean), a Mesutchi and Osutchi pair, three cases, two digital watches, three candy dispensers, and four first aid kits. Nineties novelties are weird.

I love the blue pixels on TMGC Uratama. 


TMGC Entama Cyoi has pretty nice games. 😉

I must say I love how colorful this Entama shell is. It reminds me of M&M’s. Hahahaha! Its rubber band was yellowed, so I decided to substitute it for a pink crochet one.

TMGC Hanerutchi 2

TMGC Hanerutchi 1

After over a month on backorder, I finally got my On!

Classic white shell


party! 🤍

How precious is this TMGC Plus in a classic white P1 shell

design? I simply love it! 🤍

My collection of the Tamagotchi Gen 1 and Gen 2 replicas! This includes only the new shell designs made, as well as the San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Seeing them all together like this is kind of amazing.