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🍕 🦄 🌈

Well. Here is Santa-Makiko… I really hoped to keep more of Makiko’s features but oh well lol.

This is going to be interesting… 😛🎅🏼

Mix update!

After severely neglecting my new Gift Mix, I finally got Makiko! I’m not sure who I want to marry her to yet…

And on my Anniversary Mix, I got the cuuuuutest little rose princess! 💕🌸

I got these super cute tamagotchi crochet cases in the mail today!! These are from a shop on Etsy called OnceUponAHookAndYarn, and they’re perfect & so well made! 😍💕

I made it to generation 50 on my Anniversary Mix!!!

I wasn’t a fan of the red ears + cape with the blue body he had, so I changed him to purple. I think he looks a lot cuter now. 😛💜

I’m currently running all 5 of my Mixes along with my new Meets! The Himespetchi + Kikitchi mix is my favorite ⭐️

I think I’m going to pause my mixes soon and start up my P’s again. It’s been a while since I’ve played with them, and I miss all the extra stuff there is to do on the P’s vs. the Mix. The deco pierces make them so fun!

Started up my Sanrio Mix, getting so excited for the Meets release!! 🤗💕
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At the new Meets Station! Can’t use many features until the 23rd though. I wish I was staying in Japan longer!!
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