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I’ve just received a tama mail from a friend of mine. And for my surprise she gave me a Pochitchi! Isn’t it simply adorable!? I love it so much!!! Thank you Ana Luiza! 💛💛💛

How precious is this TMGC Plus in a classic white P1 shell

design? I simply love it! 🤍

🖤 Mimitchi & Mametchi 💛


🎼 Would you play a song for us, KK? 🎵

Relaxing time.


Currently running both of these beauties. They came in the mail a couple of days ago.

This is also an American 20th anniversary edition P1, but the shell design is totally new. I really like it.

In 2018 Bandai America relaunched 1996-1997 originals. This is a replica of a wave 1 shell.