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Tamagotchi Mini, also known as Chibi, is perfect for people who are busy. It’s not demanding at all. It’s possible to feed your character meals and snacks, to clean up after him/her, to give him/her medicine, and also to turn the lights on or off.



Onto the minis/chibis!


  • 4x Tamagotchi Chibi – Bandai


Transparent minis. 💙💜💚


Currently running these four. I’m experimenting with the Usatama to see if I can get either of the secret character through the Tamagotchi Nano’s secret character methods. We’ll know by morning.

And happy new year! c:

Finally got one of the flocked shells! It’s so cute and fuzzy. We got some of the series 4 shells in my area, but not the red or blue flocked shells, so I needed to go online for this one.

Super Unchi-Kun passed away earlier today, and I managed to capture the last few seconds of it.