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How precious is this TMGC Plus in a classic white P1 shell

design? I simply love it! 🤍

Yep, despite its antenna, this one is not a V4 but a V4.5.

Onto the V4.5s. The games on this version are simply the best: climb, apples, shapes, and manhole. 


Onto the V4s. That’s not my favorite connection version. I must say it really pisses me off when the burglar comes during mail calls and steals my money. 💸

That’s my all time favorite V3 shell design in my collection! It’s so beautiful! 🌸❇️💮

Ringotchi 🍎

Onto the Keitai Kaitsuu. Despite the American V3 and the Japanese Keitai Kaitsuu have similar shell designs, their programming is quite different. On V3, for example, there’s a gotchi store, but on Keitai Kaitsuu a salesman, Ojitchi, visits you in order to offer different items and meals.


I really like this cow shell design! 🐮❤️