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How precious is this TMGC Plus in a classic white P1 shell

design? I simply love it! 🤍

Yep, despite its antenna, this one is not a V4 but a V4.5.

Onto the V4.5s. The games on this version are simply the best: climb, apples, shapes, and manhole. 

Onto the V4s. That’s not my favorite connection version. I must say it really pisses me off when the burglar comes during mail calls and steals my money. 💸

That’s my all time favorite V3 shell design in my collection! It’s so beautiful! 🌸❇️💮

Ringotchi 🍎

Onto the Keitai Kaitsuu. Despite the American V3 and the Japanese Keitai Kaitsuu have similar shell designs, their programming is quite different. On V3, for example, there’s a gotchi store, but on Keitai Kaitsuu a salesman, Ojitchi, visits you in order to offer different items and meals.

I really like this cow shell design! 🐮❤️

Onto the V3s. This is the last connection version in which the characters are not that busy. I mean, from V4s on they need to go to school, and to get jobs, and so on and so forth… But on V3s they’re still living the good life. 😂
It’s on V3 that Mametchi first gets a complete makeover since he debuted on the P1: he is not chubby anymore, and his eyes are bigger.
The V3 is an excellent version: there are more games, items, and characters. And despite its updates, on V3 there’s still that classic virtual pet feeling, differently from the later connection versions in which characters seen more humanized to me.