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Mithrandir is going through a rebellious phase. Now he needs lots of love and positive discipline, in order to become a happy and responsible adult.

Mithrandir is a toddler now.

Today my P2 has been hatched out, and li’l Mithrandir was born. ✨

I see you, Kuchipatchi! 💚


☆ My Tamagotchi Collection! ☆

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Collection Circa Feb 2010 🌟

I know this sounds weird, but I’m going to be looking through an old thread of mine and reposting pictures here that I feel like are worth keeping. I constantly worry about the website going down one day and would like a more central location for everything. 

Funny enough I purged a lot of this stuff out over the years, so it’s interesting (for me) to see what I had back in 2010. This was all of it!


Finally gotten around to doing a collection picture 😀



My whole collection, ordered roughly by release date, from 1997 to 2017! My collection isn’t as impressive as others but I’m very proud of it. That horribly beat up silver v3 on the second row is a relic from my childhood. It’s such a difficult model to undamaged at a reasonable price (the new one on eBay right now is 200 dollars) Would love to buy another one – if any tamabloggers out there would like to sell me one, hit me up!


My entire collection as of 2018, waiting for June for the four pendulums I’ve ordered!