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After over a month on backorder, I finally got my On!

My newest bab

TamaMail! This is one of my dream tamas, and I’m very glad to now have it in my collection!

In other news, I ordered an Easter meets, and I’m excited for it to arrive bc it’ll be my first meets!


Tamamail! Nothing much better than a gold Mametchi and a gold Memetchi.

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Nothing like good ol’ tamamail to brighten my day. More lanyards too! I love the pink one 😍
I’ve got one more package in the mail, and that’ll be it for the year 😪😭. No more gotchis for 2018. Taking this years collection pic is gonna take time and effort, I can tell already 😂😂

RIP little buddy.

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I went to four different stores today and here’s what I got!

First impressions:
• Hey, recycled cardboard!
• How’d this plastic packaging get so scuffed?? Did someone stand on it? It’s more scratches that some of my 20 year old packaging lol.
• This tama has got dust under the screen already, but whatever, that happens.
• Tamagotchi itself has got lots of shell scratches 🙁
• God damn this smal boi is so LOUD! HE S C R E A M! These are not the tamagotchi beeps I know and love.

All in all worth the money, and I’ll be getting some more of my fav designs, but it’s definitely not Bandai’s best.

I got an English ID L! It’s so nice being able to understand the conversations in the park.


Aww she’s cute