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Cinnamoroll everything 😍💕

Jinbeisan protecting little cloud Gudetama 💘😍


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Playing dress up with Yumemitchi today 🎀

The second picture is her Sanrio pierce change! She looks so cute as Cinnamoroll ❤️



A recent image of an upcoming Tamagotchi Meets Sanrio version has been leaked! This leaked image provides just enough detail to leave us wanting more. Bandai and Sanrio have had a long history, which was revisited for the Tamagotchi M!X Sanrio Version. Now Bandai is stepping it up and bringing us even more Sanrio goodness with the Tamagotchi Meets Sanrio Version!

No official information has been released, but this image gives us just to drool over until then. It appears that The device itself will come in a gorgeous deep pink color, and feature a faceplate that features all of the Sanrio characters, along with your favorite Tamagotchi characters (Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi).

What about the characters? Well, your favorites are returning, but we are getting even more Sanrio characters this time! The characters featured in the M!X Sanrio Version that are carrying over are: Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Gudetama, Kiki and Lala (Little Twin Stars). Who’s been added?, Kuromi, Keroppi, Tuxedo Sam, and Badtemaru, who you may remember was featured on a black Tamagotchi M!X spot in Japan!

There will be two new games, one is a quiz game with other characters, and the other will be a matching game. The Sanrio Meets will also feature some new locations, some of which you may remember from the M!X, and some new. One new notable location is Ichigo Kingdom, which id just a wonderful land where everything is strawberry themed (will Ichigotchi be making an appearance?). This location will feature exclusive items such as a strawberry headband, and more!

A really awesome feature in this new version is that there will be Sanrio inspired pets! These pets feature similar looks of popular Sanrio characters, and will of course be able to breed with other pets giving you the ability to truly have a unique pet! The Tamagotchi Meets app will also receive an update with new Sanrio content including the opportunity to meet other users characters, marry each other, and create an awesome mix!

Although we do have this leaked image, no information has been officially confirmed with Bandai, but you know the routine by now, this is as legit as it comes. We won’t see these on shelves in Japan until this June, actually mid-June as stated in the image by the barcode.

As we hear further information you know we will keep you updated, so stay tuned! Are you planning on picking up this adorable version!?

*Special shoutout to @tamadanh-inforeviews for the tip!

I just SCREAMED this is so amazing

Tamagotchi Meets Sanrio version

Rumoured to be released this June

Tamagotchi Meets Sanrio version

Rumoured to be released this June

Gudetama everywhere! 🍳

Lala-Julietchi ⭐️