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After over a month on backorder, I finally got my On!

Tamagotchis rlly be like “I’m hungryyyy 😰” at 6am as if you didn’t stuff them w riceballs before bed last night 🙄🤔☝️

Living in the tamagotchi universe must be wild like my little dude just chased a red balloon out of his house into the dead of night and then climbed over rainbows to catch it while a guy on a cloud threw envolopes at him

My newest bab

TamaMail! This is one of my dream tamas, and I’m very glad to now have it in my collection!

In other news, I ordered an Easter meets, and I’m excited for it to arrive bc it’ll be my first meets!


Tamamail! Nothing much better than a gold Mametchi and a gold Memetchi.

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getting a tamagotchi is great but getting a tamagotchi with lots of bubblewrap is even better

Me, wildly swinging my tamagotchi around by the lanyard: I like to live dangerously and full of regret

Nothing like good ol’ tamamail to brighten my day. More lanyards too! I love the pink one 😍
I’ve got one more package in the mail, and that’ll be it for the year 😪😭. No more gotchis for 2018. Taking this years collection pic is gonna take time and effort, I can tell already 😂😂