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Yesterday, four new shell designs were announced for the classic Tamagotchi! There are two generation 1 shells (Majestic and Sunset) and two generation 2 shells (Paradise and Sahara). They went up for preorder yesterday on Amazon, but preorders quickly sold out. They’re set to be released January 24, 2020.

While it may seems unusual to be releasing new shells for the classic Tamagotchi while the On is still out, it’s a good sign that Tamagotchi sales are doing fairly. well. I’m personally hoping we’ll see rereleases of other version in the near future, but who knows?



I’ve just received a tama mail from a friend of mine. And for my surprise she gave me a Pochitchi! Isn’t it simply adorable!? I love it so much!!! Thank you Ana Luiza! 💛💛💛

Tama mail! Probably the biggest Tamagotchi haul of my life!

There’s a European P1, an Umino Tama (Japanese Tamagotchi Ocean), a Mesutchi and Osutchi pair, three cases, two digital watches, three candy dispensers, and four first aid kits. Nineties novelties are weird.

I love the blue pixels on TMGC Uratama. 


TMGC Entama Cyoi has pretty nice games. 😉

I must say I love how colorful this Entama shell is. It reminds me of M&M’s. Hahahaha! Its rubber band was yellowed, so I decided to substitute it for a pink crochet one.

TMGC Hanerutchi 2

TMGC Hanerutchi 1