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Hi! Its the Pokémon anon from long ago! I finally got my hands on a Manaphy no Tamago and he’s adorable! The problem is that I can’t read the instruction booklets since they’re all in JP (which I knew before buying since its relatively easy to control) so does anyone have it translated? I can send pictures of the pages too if you want.

Hello again!

I’ve never actually owned a Manaphy, so I’m not too sure about the game play, but I found this old tamazone link that seems to be pretty descriptive 🤔. Hopefully it can help!

Hey so i tried superbuy like u said but when i typed Tamagotchi, nothing but hatchimals and turtle pictures show up?

Try searching 他媽哥池 (or even 拓麻歌子), these are the mandarin words for tamagotchi.

The websites being pretty funky for me atm, but hopefully it’ll sort itself out in a couple days.

Sorry if you’ve already been asked, but where do you do your tama shopping?? I always see you posting unopened/mint condition tamagotchis and saying you got them for like 10-20 dollars! Where are you finding them?? I keep buying from eBay and they’re rarely in perfect condition (which doesn’t matter, but it gets so expensive) care to help out a fellow collector? ;-;

Honestly, I try to avoid eBay when I can because the prices are crazy and scalpers can choke 😩. Instead I try local buy/sell sites (gumtree, fb marketplace, mecari, kijiji), which is where I find a good portion of my NIP gems. Superbuy is also really great place to gets tamas, I’ve gotten some $20 nip v5s there recently.

Mostly it’s hit and miss, so just try and be patient, wait for the good deals, cause I think you’ll like your collection a lot more if your not constantly seeing all the $$$ when you look at it.

where do you get a tamagotchi connection tho? ya girl wants one of those

eBay’s an alright place, and it’s also user friendly, but the prices can get ridiculous 😂. Taobao has some new v5s for like $20 but you’ll need to go through superbuy to buy them! Local buy/sell websites are also good but it’s mostly a waiting game. I sometimes use Facebook market place 🤔, but not often bc the prices there can be as crazy as eBay.
Hope you’re blessed with a connection soon!

where do you buy your tamas?

Usually eBay or TaoBao for connections, and HobbyLinkJapan for new colour tamas. Yahoo Japan Auctions also has great deals if you live in Japan (if you don’t, you’ll need a third party account). Local buy/sell websites are also a good place to buy cheep tamas.

Where do u get ur tamagotchis ??? 🙁

eBay for the colour screen ones, or HobbylinkJapan 🎉.
Facebook market place for the connections.
HobbyLinkJapan also has the re-released vintage tamas rn which is a bonus!

I owned the first Tamagotchi Corner Shop as a wee child and it was such a great game! I’ve never played the others but I can imagine they are probably really fun as well (gameplay looks quite similar to the first one but with new destinations). There are some vids on YouTube to check out if you want more info 🙌🏻🐛.

  • 10. your opinion on dream town characters.

I wasn’t too sure what this question was specifically referring to, so I went and googled it and found this game and its so cute awww. Also I love all the tamagotchi characters (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • 1. what was your first tamagotchi toy? do you remember what it evolved into?

My first tamagotchi was a v2 that I got when I was about 7 or so. I don’t remember what it evolved into but I do remember that I couldn’t keep it alive for very long lmao.

  • 12. do you sleep with your tamagotchi’s in your bed?

No, my tamas stay on my desk when I’m sleeping. I sleep late sometimes and I don’t want them beeping in my ear (also what if i loose them in the sheets and they die D:

  • 18. favourite tamagotchi connection/plus?

 The v3 will always have a special place in my heart. I like that its simplistic but also engaging. Also it came in a wide variety of shell designs which is always a bonus.

  • 20. what’s your favourite vintage tamagotchi toy?

This one is tough because there are so many good vintage ones, but my fav would have to be either the genjintch or the tamagotchi angel. I just love the idea of these two tamagotchi’s; primitive evolution and afterlife care.

T.T ? T.T
You can still buy the tama friends on eBay if you really want one, but you might just have to go for the v5