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Hi! Its the Pokémon anon from long ago! I finally got my hands on a Manaphy no Tamago and he’s adorable! The problem is that I can’t read the instruction booklets since they’re all in JP (which I knew before buying since its relatively easy to control) so does anyone have it translated? I can send pictures of the pages too if you want.

Hello again!

I’ve never actually owned a Manaphy, so I’m not too sure about the game play, but I found this old tamazone link that seems to be pretty descriptive 🤔. Hopefully it can help!

Where do u get ur tamagotchis ??? 🙁

eBay for the colour screen ones, or HobbylinkJapan 🎉.
Facebook market place for the connections.
HobbyLinkJapan also has the re-released vintage tamas rn which is a bonus!

I owned the first Tamagotchi Corner Shop as a wee child and it was such a great game! I’ve never played the others but I can imagine they are probably really fun as well (gameplay looks quite similar to the first one but with new destinations). There are some vids on YouTube to check out if you want more info 🙌🏻🐛.

T.T ? T.T
You can still buy the tama friends on eBay if you really want one, but you might just have to go for the v5

I’d say choose the Tamagotchi Friends, as it has more content, and its bigger size means ur less likely to loose it down the side of the couch lmao oops. ?
The v5 is good too though, having three babies instead of one is a great feature, so either way you can’t go wrong.