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I’ve just received a tama mail from a friend of mine. And for my surprise she gave me a Pochitchi! Isn’t it simply adorable!? I love it so much!!! Thank you Ana Luiza! 💛💛💛


Every tamagotchi who passes away deserves to go to heaven. Angelgotchi is where you’ll be able to reunite with your dear friend and look after him/her even afterlife.


Goodbye little angel.

Currently running: Digimon pendulum, 4U


Found these dirty-ass first generation Japanese ver Tamagotchis (P1 ‘96 and Angelgotchi ‘97) that weren’t working and made them work again ✨ Just a bit of cleaning today, need to repaint and fill cracks some other day.


Sadly the buttons on this tama have gotten so bad its kinda hard to care for. I’m not too sure how much longer I’ll run this angel due to its issues, its still been fun though!


🌸🌺look who died (ㆁωㆁ*) 🌸✨✨



I switched my tamas. Turned on my v3, angel and P’s 💙💙💙 #tamagotchi #tamagotchips #angelgotchi #tamagotchiconnection #tamagotchiv3 #tmgc #tamatag #bandai #japan