Tamagotchi Some Doesn’t Have Bluetooth



OUCH. Remember the Tamagotchi Some we’ve all been drooling over? It has a gorgeous faceplate, and wonderful packaging, well there’s one thing about this device that you’re not going to like, and its major.

According to the official Bandai Mall where preorders have just become available, the Tamagotchi Some that is exclusive to Korea will NOT include bluetooth connectivity! So what does that mean? This means that the Tamagotchi Meets/On app is not going to be compatible with the Tamagotchi Some. The Tamagotchi Some will also not be able to connect to Tama Photo Spots, which right now are only in Japan. The only form of connectivity the device will have is infrared, ouch! What is it 2016? Kidding aside, this is a huge deal. We’re not exactly sure why Bandai Korea excluded bluetooth from this device, it may be due to some kind of regulation in Korea. Another possible reason we’ve heard is that there was an issue localizing the app for Korea.


You can see in the screenshot above on the Bandai Mall that the description clearly indicates in red font that bluetooth is NOT supported. This is definitely important to note if you’re considering ordering this device. It does make sense that we haven’t seen any mention of the application from Bandai Korea, because it is not part of this product.

We are definitely disappointed to hear that the Tamagotchi Some will not feature bluetooth connectivity and take advantage of the Tamagotchi Meets/On app.