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Tamagotchi On

At long last, color-screen Tamagotchis are heading to the USA!

These are English versions of the Tamagotchi Meets, which came out in December 2018 in Japan. Your Tamagotchi can travel around Tamagotchi Planet, play games, buy foods and items, connect with other Tamas, and meet and marry other Tamas. The big thing here is m!xing – after the first generation, the appearance of the new babies are determined by the genetics of their parents!

A new app for iOS and Android will also be available. You’ll be able to connect your Tamagotchi On via Bluetooth, and you can earn money or marry other Tamas through the app. And periodically, some exclusive characters to marry may appear on the app.

The Tamagotchi On is set to launch July 28th this year, and preorders have opened up on Amazon for $59.99 each. There are two launch versions – Fairy and Magic – which each have their own special characters and locations, and each come in two colors.

The Tamagotchi On officially releases tomorrow! Get hype!

Note that the official app isn’t out just yet (it’s likely to release along with the toy, though Bandai hasn’t specified), but if you have the Japanese app for the Tamagotchi Meets, the On can connect to it like normal. Additionally, if these fancy color-screen Tamagotchis just aren’t your thing, the classic Tamagotchi replicas are still available.

For information about the On works, here are some resources:

The Tamagotchi Wikia article. We at the Wiki have been working extra hard to keep it as up to date as possible. You can see what characters there are, how the different functions and growth works, and even how to unlock every location!

Other good resources include @tamapalace who have been extensively curating good info, and Tamatown.com, a fan site founded and run by long-time fans dedicated to news and guides for the latest Tamagotchis.

If you need a quick look at a growth chart, check out this amazing one by @myaphelion!