Amazon Updates Tamagotchi On Release Dates


We are in the final countdown of the Tamagotchi On release, and speaking of which, Amazon has finally update their release dates. Originally when Amazon listed the release date of the device it was set for August 15th, which is a little more than two weeks after the official release date Bandai America set. Fans were NOT happy about this as Amazon was the first retailer to post preorders, even before Bandai America made their official announcement via a press release.

Well it appears that Amazon has just updated their release dates on all the Tamagotchi On’s except the green magical to July 26th, which is actually two days earlier than the official release date. Fans should rejoice, that is if you did not order the green magical version. There is no official reasoning why the date has changed, but we are sure Amazon wanted to better align with Bandai America’s official release date. Who’s thrilled about this news?