Sorry if you’ve already been asked, but …

Sorry if you’ve already been asked, but where do you do your tama shopping?? I always see you posting unopened/mint condition tamagotchis and saying you got them for like 10-20 dollars! Where are you finding them?? I keep buying from eBay and they’re rarely in perfect condition (which doesn’t matter, but it gets so expensive) care to help out a fellow collector? ;-;

Honestly, I try to avoid eBay when I can because the prices are crazy and scalpers can choke 😩. Instead I try local buy/sell sites (gumtree, fb marketplace, mecari, kijiji), which is where I find a good portion of my NIP gems. Superbuy is also really great place to gets tamas, I’ve gotten some $20 nip v5s there recently.

Mostly it’s hit and miss, so just try and be patient, wait for the good deals, cause I think you’ll like your collection a lot more if your not constantly seeing all the $$$ when you look at it.