Bandai Korea Officially Announces Tamagotchi S…



Merely a day after a leaked image Bandai Korea officially announces the upcoming Tamagotchi Some with very limited information.

An update has been placed on the Bandai Korea website to inform everyone that the first ever Tamagotchi to be released in Korea arrives in October! Yes, the name is confirmed, Tamagotchi Some. We did speculate a bit about the name here, and it appears to be accurate.

Bandai Korea goes on to mention that Korea will receive new designs (faceplates) and includes a beautiful high resolution image of the lineup. Preorders for the device will start on September 1st, and it’s important to note that Bandai Korea does NOT specify an exact release date in October.

No further information is confirmed or even provided by Bandai Korea, but you can bet on the same programing as the Tamagotchi Meets/On with the exception of language, and new faceplates. Bandai Korea will be showing off the Tamagotchi Some at the Character Licensing Fair 2019 held in the Starfield COEX Mall from July 17th through July 21st, 2019. You can visit the Bandai booth to experience the very first Korean Tamagotchi!


The Tamagotchi Some will be available on shelves this October in Korea with an MSRP of 54,900 won (roughly $47 USD).

This is AWESOME news not only for Korean Tamagotchi fans, but for fans worldwide. The brand is continuing to grow with this aggressive roll out. We are SO excited to welcome even more fans into the community!