Bandai Japan Shows Off Fantasy Meets At Tokyo …



image courtesy of robotstart

The Tokyo Toy Show just opened to the press yesterday and already we have some images of the Bandai Booth that you’re going to drool over! Bandai Japan announced they would be attending the Tokyo Toy Fair back in early June, and they’ve been attending for many years.

Bandai Japan continues to show off the latest Tamagotchi offerings, and this year was no exception. At the Bandai booth it was all about the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version! You can see in the images below that the booth shows off the history of Tamagotchi starting from 1996 in Japan to the latest Tamagotchi Meets released in 2018. The poster also showcases the award that Bandai Japan has won for the Tamagotchi brand, which is the Japan Toy Grand Award 2019 Special Award.


image courtesy of maronzuimy

More importantly the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version had an adorable setup with an awesome poster featuring a larger than life size device showcasing the upcoming characters and locations. The Tamagotchi goodies rested on a counter that was several shades of pink, and matches the fairy theme of the Tamagotchi Meets. There were both Fantasy Meets being shown off, the purple and blue. It’s also important to note that there was in fact a Sanrio Meets there too, which makes sense since the official launch day is right around the corner, June 15th. You can even see the original Tamagotchi meets, both Fairy and Magical in attendance on the acrylic stand. Accessories were in tow too! Bandai Japan brought some lanyards that feature those cute charms. Lastly, there was an iPad mini available for demonstrations of the Tamagotchi Meets application.


image courtesy of maronzuimy

Looks like Bandai is super excited about the Fantasy Meets and did a great job showing it off at the 2019 Tokyo Toy Show! What do you think of the setup?