Bandai Japan Announces Tamagotchi Meets Fantas…


As predicted Bandai Japan has just officially announced the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version! Sound familiar? Well this one was leaked in April, do we even remember a time before Tamagotchi leaks?

All our fantasies (pun intended) have been confirmed!

First off the two shells are just divine! You’ll be able to choose between the purple or blue shell which feature those beautiful jewels and a rainbow ombre faceplate. Fantasy Meets isn’t all about the looks – you’ll find some changes to the gameplay with various new locations through the Wonderland Picture Book such as Prince Palace, Arabian Night, and Fushigi no Kuni. New characters are Prince Mametchi, Lably Princess, Mero Arabian, Pamp of the Lamp, Yumei Alice, and Kirari Hatta. These are mostly your favorite Tamagotchi’s dressed up in their finest fantasy outfits.

Bandai Japan notes that it is possible to mix super unique characters with this new version that do not appear in other versions, such as Mamecchi who rides on Hakuba, and Takuchi Patchi who jumps out of the lamp!

In the “Mysterious Okuni” where the Trump soldiers live your Tamagotchi might turn either red or black when you meet them!

July 13th is the release date, and preorders should be available soon, if not already. Tamagotchi Fantasy Meets looks super adorable, and a welcomed edition to the lineup! Will you be ordering one?