What The FCC Filing Reveals



You’ve been researching about the Tamagotchi On for over two weeks now, and any little bit of information gets you even more excited. You’ve already seen the instruction manual, but the FCC filing does reveal some additional information about the device that Bandai America has not yet released.

Mr.Blinky, a beloved member of the Tamagotchi community, very well known for his work on the translation patches for the Tamagotchi P’s has dug around the FCC filing and found some goodies.

The Tamagotchi On will feature a backplate with a screw. This should come as no surprise from our article previously posted. As we mentioned, this is due to safety regulations in the United States.

He also notes that there appears to be some additional differences in the device in comparison to the Japanese Meets, there’s possibly a louder/different speaker, and a replaceable display with mounting frame. He also believes that Bandai moving the speaker may improve Bluetooth connectivity, avoiding interfering of the Bluetooth radio being underneath the speaker in the Meets. Mr.Blinky mentions that taking this device apart is more difficult with the battery terminals soldered to the circuit board.

Of course some changes had to happen to bring this device out of Japan, but it looks like there’s a few more than we initially thought. This device has some internal changes that very well may improve the devices longevity with a more solid build, and possibly even louder sound. Only time will tell but these are some awesome finds!