Tamagotchi On Packaging: The Back!


Since the day we heard about the Tamagotchi On fans have been asking about the packaging, and of course the listing online only show the front of the packaging. Which leads to the question – what’s the back look like? Well as you know, we have our hands on some Tamagotchi On’s and we want to answer your question!

The back of the Tamagotchi On packaging features a whole bunch of information, so lets break it down.

  1. Growth – the top half displays the different stages of growth, from baby to adult and even shows some mixed characters along the way.
  2. Activities – you can see that there is definitely an emphasis on activities here. Screenshots show games, eating, pets, friends, travel, and shopping. These are really cute screenshots that just make you want the device even more!
  3. Marriage – in the center you can see an example of Nijifuwatchi marrying Mametchi to display the genetics functionality. Below them, you can see lots of mixed characters, and even a pet!
  4. Collect – the bottom portion is all about showcasing the Tamagotchi On lineup and explaining a bit further about the differences between the fairy and magical versions.

So that’s it! What do you think of the back of the Tamagotchi On packaging? Does it explain the device enough?