Entama & Co.



For some reason I’ve been itching to get back into the Entama & Co. today. My main hesitation is that it would take a lot of batteries and if I start these suckers I don’t want to waste good resources (battery cash adds up!).

Other than the P’s the Uratama is my favorite version – one day I hope to get a pastel/girlier option. I love the Akai, as well. The shell is what drew me in initially and as it turns out I don’t mind the red pixels too much. Blue and black are better but it’s still fun.

I miss playing with my dekas, too. I love the cute and fun little games. I like to play them and rack up gotchi points while watching TV – it’s very relaxing! Plus they sit really well in my hand and pressing the cubby buttons are SUPER satisfying! If you haven’t pressed a chubby tamagotchi button I highly recommend you do!

The Kakeibo is a super addition to the Entama family, as well. I love the banking aspect as well as the ability to keep track of all of the different characters I have raised in the Entama AND Uratama. I’ve been working on a full guide for the Kakeibo, too, and it’s really about time that I finish it up and share it!

I supposed I could try running these along with the ones I’m running now but I worry that would be too overwhelming. I think I’m going to stick to the P’s and the 4U+ models for now because I just got a new phone which is making it super easy to download items, food, etc.

If I start up the Entama/Uratama I worry it would be too tempting to try to buy another member of the Entama family…….I’m being vague because it’s pretty rare and I have my eye on one…..and I don’t want to announce what it is until I decide if I’m going to pick it up or not…..maybe I will sell my anniversary mix set as a trade off…..

Ooo! I’ll start up the game deka to rack up gotchi points for fun so when I do start up the entama and uratama eventually I will have a little nest egg for my little babies when they are born! ❤️