tamapalace: images courtesy of Bandai America…


images courtesy of Bandai America

Bandai America announced the Tamagotchi on at the start of the 2019 Clamour Summit, which gives top-tier content creators the first reveal and a unique hands-on opportunity to capture the first glimpse of the upcoming device. The Clamour Summit is the largest annual industry summit for professional online creators. It brings together over 600 full-time influencers with brands, service providers, and social media platforms. The summit is in a Palm Springs resort from May 13-16th, 2019.
Bandai along with other partners have booths at the summit where influencers can record original content and explore new products and services. This will give the Tamagotchi On some more attention with those who have a large following.
Bandai’s booth is SUPER adorable, and we have some exclusive images to share! How cute are those Tamagotchi On pins?!