Tamagotchi ON: What We Know



What a crazy day it has been. Oh, did we mention that Amazon dropped a bomb on the Tamagotchi community today? We’re about to break down what we know about the Tamagotchi ON so far. In complete transparency this official information from Bandai will not be released quite yet. The official press release is set for May 13th, 2019, and we will have the exclusive information right before/around that date to share. What we are looking to do is great down the information this premature Amazon preorder has revealed.

  1. We are getting an English color Tamagotchi! – Finally, now before you get all technical, yes, there was an English Tamagotchi ID L released in VERY few countries, but that does not entirely count. Bandai is bringing the Tamagotchi Meets out of Japan – and this is HUGE news.
  2. When is it being released? – The Amazon preorder indicates August 15th, 2019.
  3. Should we preorder & where? – DEFINITELY. These are going to sell out, and let’s make that happen. Preorders are available on Amazon! We’ve been asking for 11 years, let’s show Bandai how popular these are going to be so we can guarantee future color releases outside of Japan!
  4. Where will it be available? There is no official news yet on availability, but we would say its pretty safe to assume the countries that received the 20th anniversary Mini’s and P1 & P’s will most likely get this device.
  5. What languages will it be available in? – The packaging has English and French wording, however the device clearly states on the side that the app and device are in English only.
  6. Why is it called Tamagotchi ON? – Not really sure about this, perhaps Bandai does not think the Meets would be an appropriate name. Or maybe they are trying to differentiate it a bit outside of Japan.
  7. Whats the programming like? – No official word yet, bu we would think it’s safe to assume it’s the same programing as the Japanese version, just fully translated into English.
  8. Will it be available in stores or just online? – This is a tough one, historically Bandai has expressed concerns about getting a toy listed around this price at retailers. Who knows? The P1 & P2 did really well, Bandai might have proved that Tamagotchi is still popular.
  9. Can we expect the different versions Japan gets, such as Pastel, Sanrio, etc? – We aren’t going to know this anytime soon, but we have to create the demand to warrant future releases.
  10. When will we know more? – We are going to know EVERYTHING on May 13th, 2019, this is when Bandai is scheduling the press release.

We don’t have a lot of answers yet, but we will be getting exclusive information soon. This preorder got listed much sooner than Bandai expected, so we have to wait this one out a bit more than we normally would. Just know that as soon as we can release official information – we will be. Stay tuned, and know that its all finally happening; thanks to the Tamagotchi community. PREORDER NOW!