Tamagotchi Meets: Location Unlock Guide


Have you been wondering how to unlock all of the locations on Tamagotchi Meets device? Well then you’re in luck! We’ve composed a guide that you can follow in order to unlock all of the locations and get the most out of your new Meets!

  1. Tama Hotel – Simply going out to any destination for the first time during the toddler stage.
  2. Gourmet Street – Eat omurice (omelette) more than 5 times at the restaurant.
  3. Tama Farm – Automatically unlocked after visiting Gourmet Street several times.
  4. Toy Land – You have to be on the 2nd generation or higher and an adult stage Tamagotchi,  wear the drum accessory and visit your yard.
  5. Tama Sport Plaza – Play with the ball as a toddler stage or older, after having 2 new connections (with either Meets, M!X, or Stations). There is no substitute to the 2 new connections.
  6. Starry Sky Lab – Renovate your living room to starry sky, and go out to the yard after 7PM! 2nd generation or higher, no stage restriction.
  7. Beauty Salon – 2nd generation or higher, change the color 2 times. You can accomplish this by feeding your Tamagotchi cream strew, omurice, or lemon pie at the restaurant and ice cream in the Tama Sport Plaza.
  8. Magical & Fairy Tale Land – Magical Land and Fairy Tale Land are exclusive to the respective devices. 3rd generation or higher, renovate your living room to the dreamy living room for Fairy Tale Land, for Magical Land, renovate your living room to the magical living room. Once you’ve renovated your living room go to your yard at 7AM (Fairy Tale Land) and 7PM (Magical Land).

Enjoy all of the Tamagotchi Meets locations! If you’ve found any other tricks to unlocking locations on the Meets device then be sure to leave advice in the comments below!

*Special thanks to @tokyodirectdiary