My Tamagotchi Forever Updates!

The My Tamagotchi Forever app has been a huge hit with Tamagotchi’s, and we’re so glad to see that its being updated frequently with additional functionality. These updates are definitely keeping fans interested and invested in the Tamagotchi brand. Two new updates rolled out in November that are noteworthy, 2.5, and 2.6.

2.5 adds a new mini game called Layer Cake, and tucked away the Halloween decorations for next year, along with a few other features. 2.6 added a new toddler character, Mohitamatchi, who we’ve missed dearly from the Tamagotchi Connection V3-V4 (he’s adorable)! Other noteworthy features in 2.6 include the social connection capability which allows easy access the My Tamagotchi Forever social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) directly from the app, these buttons can be accessed from the level map. Our second favorite feature is that 2.6 has added an update to the bedroom. Your Tamagotchi can now dream while they sleep, and you’ll be able to view their dream. LOVE THIS.

What do you think about the recent updates to the My Tamagotchi Forever app?