Hey, have you heard about the upcoming Eevee T…

Hey, have you heard about the upcoming Eevee Tamagotchi? Any thoughts?

Haha, of course! I’ve been tagged in posts about this on all of my social media. And I am, of course, very excited. There are other novelty crossover tamagotchi models, with Sanrio and some Japanese TV shows. I’m not very interested in having most of them in my collection, but this is different – two franchises I’m a big fan of!! I will certainly buy at least one if not two of these (one for prosperity and one for letting my keys scratch up to hell while I carry it around.)

That being said – my expectations are fucking LOW!! XD it would be great if these had some of the features of the Tamagotchi Connections, games and accessories and things to do besides feed and clean. I get the feeling gameplay will probably be minimal, sort of like the minis they released here in 2017. They were, I’m sure, ridiculously cheap to produce, and I’m sure these Eevees will be similar.