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A fun challenge: try taking a modern Tamagotchi character and convert them into a Connection-era character.

The original Tamagotchi could only allow characters to be 16×16 pixels, so character shapes had to be incredibly simplistic and yet expressive, so you could easily tell if you have a good or bad character. This more or less carried over when the brand came back in 2004, as the character sprites used that same limitation, but now they required many more ways of emoting.

That’s mostly gone as the era of color Tamagotchis began. Because there’s less hardware restrictions and a stronger push for more girl-centric branding, the recent crops of designs have all featured ridiculously cute and detailed characters that are a nightmare to recreate with the original style.

So sometimes, I like to challenge myself. Here are PIanitchi and Lattetchi with full Connection-era sprite sheets.

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