GudeTama Tamagotchi Pre-Orders on



We know what you’re thinking, WHAT?! Bandai America released a press release on October 1st that definitely went under the radar, but it revealed some major Tamagotchi news. The press release was centered around the Tamagotchi Original being available online and in stores, and also Bandai’s partnership with Tile and Loot Crate. At the very bottom of the press release theres this magical sentence that’ll make you smile:

Bandai will also be releasing a Tamagotchi based on Sanrio’s lazy egg character, Gudetama – coming out in 2019.

Thats right, the Gudetama Tamagotchi originally released in Japan last year is making its way to the United States! GameStop has listed their Gudetama Tamagotchi’s, which apparently will be a GameStop exclusive. Starting December 15th you can pick up the Gudetama Tamagotchi in a set with a sitting case, egg case, or just the device itself. Oddly enough all the pricing is the same at just $19.99 USD.

We have confirmed with Bandai America that the Gudetama Tamagotchi’s on U.S. shelves have been fully translated into English (YAY!). These weren’t supposed to hit shelves until 2019, so we would definitely recommend preordering on or heading over to a GameStop store after December 15th to pick one up before the holidays!

*Special thanks to @osumesu21 for the tip