My Baby Bat: Age 12

My Baby Bat: Age 12

Skinny bat! It took me a moment to figure out what’s going on in that screen, but he’s walking down the road with his wings out and a tiny stick body. 

Skinny is considered Bad Care, and they used weight as the metric. I’m not totally sure what the skinny range is, but I know that you can’t go any lower than 3.

Made it, though! Would I run this again? Eh… Once I had my system in place it wasn’t so bad, but it’s pretty needy. And loud. And I hate the game. Losing hearts for losing the game is pretty shitty.

I feel like it’s getting hungrier faster now, but I’ll run it until it dies.

I did see the happiness and discipline meters go out of sync a few times, I’m not sure what causes that?