I got me a tamagotchi


I got one of the new 2018 Tamagotchis, which claims to be identical to the original.

Left is one of the new cases. I got the galaxy motif. Right is the good ol 1997 Tamagotchi who is slightly broken and I will one day bring back to life. One day.


It’s having some… Unusual behaviors. First off, it has different food logos than the originals, but not a big deal. Secondly, it has a different game – not the left-or-right but guess-the-number – but it interrupted one of those games to poop. And that round did not count on the happiness bar. I found it hilarious.

Secondly, it’s… Doing weird things. Fell asleep at 7:36pm, woke up at 7:40 just to poop and has not yet fallen asleep again.

Overall, if you want a brand new Tamagotchi just like from twenty years ago… It might be better to get one from twenty years ago. xD

The one you’re thinking of is a Generation 1 Tamagotchi. The one you have is a Generation 2, which came out shortly after gen 1 came out. Both versions were rereleased this year.

Also, the baby only naps once before it evolves into the child stage, which is faithful to the originals. The food selections and minigame you described are also faithful to the 1997 gen 2.