hello! sorry, you probably never get questions…

hello! sorry, you probably never get questions like this, but how easy to kill are the new vintage tamas? what do we do if we have work or school & we can't really take care of it for the whole day??

An interesting question!

The classic Tamagotchi doesn’t require a whole lot. After the baby stage, it generally becomes easier to care for depending on how well you do throughout its life. If you check up on it every half hour to an hour to give it a meal, play a game, and check for poop or illness, you should be fine. Tamagotchi maintenance is treated as this big monolithic thing that eats up valuable time, but it’s really easy and straightforward, especially the P1s and P2s.

As for “how easy” it is for them to die, about as easy as the original 1996-98 ones, from my own personal experience. Some have said that they’re easier to kill, only to later mention they allowed all of the hearts to empty completely before filling them or kept feeding it snacks to fill happiness instead of playing the game, both of which count as severe neglect.