Bandai Japan Release Tamagotchi Meets Details!


Bandai Japan has just released some information on the upcoming release of the Tamagotchi Meets that we have been leaked a while ago! has just been updated with lots of details on the newest Tamagotchi set to launch on November 23rd, 2018.

The Tamagotchi Meets is all about connectivity! It features similar gameplay to the Tamagotchi M!X released back in 2016, but with a few new improvements.

First off let’s discuss the shell designs, there will initially be two different versions, the Fairy version, and the Magical version. Fairy versions are available in pink, blue, and yellow. While the Magical version is available in pink, purple, and green. We must say these colors are definitely more rich that the M!X, and the faceplates are more colorful, and just adorable! We are sure we will see more versions in the future, like we did with the M!X.

One of the awesome new features on the Meets is the ability to raise twins and have pets! Twins will definitely be interesting as of course you can only marry off one Tamagotchi and have offspring. A really interesting fact is that your Tamagotchi pet can now get married, and produce offspring. These will lead to unique pet mixes that are SUPER adorable!

You can see in the graphic that there are several new characters including some really adorable pets. Many of your favorite characters are back, including Mametchi Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, and more, including Gozarutchi and Coffretchi! The new characters are just adorable! We will have more information on them soon, including their bios. These characters are bound to make some interesting mixes!

Fairy Tale and Magical Land are the two new locations you’ll be able to visit on your Meets. Similar to the M!X, Fairy Tale will only be available on the Fairy version, and Magical Land will be exclusive to the Magical version. There are also two exclusive Fairy characters, and two exclusive Magical characters.

Let’s talk Stations! The Tamagotchi M!X brought us the Tamagotchi M!X Station, which allowed users to connect and download exclusive content throughout Japan and even marry their Tamagotchi off to unique characters and produce unique offspring. With Tamagotchi Meets the Stations are getting updated. These Meets Stations will look identical to the Tamagotchi M!X Stations, however they will have be receiving an updated look, and of course all-new content. Some content will be Meets exclusive, and other content will remain compatible with the MIX. All Station’s will be updated on 11/10 for Meets compatibility, and the winter update is right around the corner!

Now for the biggest feature of the Tamagotchi Meets, the application! Now much information is not yet available on this new application launching in November in the iOS App Store & Android Play Store. Here’s what we do know. The application will be available on both iOS and Android in November, it’ll be compatible with your smartphone and tablet. Your Tamagotchi Meets will connect to the application on your device via Bluetooth, it’ll also allow you to interact with other Tamagotchi fans’ characters to play games, exchange items, and much more. Bandai Japan also states that you do not need to own a Tamagotchi Meets to enjoy this application. These application will in fact be exclusive to Japan, much more info to come on this application as Bandai Japan releases more information.

Bandai Japan hasn’t yet released all the information on the Tamagotchi Meets, more information is expected to follow before the release on November 23rd, 2018. Pricing has not yet been announced, but based on the preorders we are seeing around the internet we believe its safe to say that the pricing will be the same as the M!X. Stay tuned as more information will be rolling in real soon prior to the launch date!