The Tamagotchi Archive Panic


When I founded the Tamagotchi Wikia on April 29, 2007, I called upon members of the Tamagotchi forum Tama-Zone to assist in filling the site with as much Tamagotchi information as possible. In the earliest days of Wikia, it wasn’t enough to simply want to make a Wiki about an established franchise; you had to get enough people on board and editing articles and sharing links before your Wikia could be considered authentic. And it was something I was passionate about then, and still am to this day.

My major goal of the Wikia was to ensure there would always be a reliable, easy to navigate source of Tamagotchi information that anyone could access. I feared the walled garden nature of the forums at the time prevented a number of people from being able to access critical information, and with individuals split across many different forums, it was impossible to find a place that had everything any Tamagotchi owner could ever need.

But a bigger goal was on the horizon. There were plenty of secrets of Tamagotchi that had yet to be discovered and archived – and as the franchise rolls over 20 years, I fear much information is on the verge of being lost.

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