Tamagotchi Meets: Bluetooth Connectivity



When we received leaked images of the Tamagotchi Meets we were SO excited about this new version since it offers some much welcome features. One of the biggest features might just be the Bluetooth connectivity. Now in complete transparency, we are basing our speculation off of leaked images so the information may not be 100% accurate, and of course things can change; but we are WAY too excited not to discuss!

It appears that in the leaked brochure of the upcoming Meets that the device will contain a whole new connectivity, Bluetooth! For historical purposes the Tamagotchi Plus, or here in the United States, Tamagotchi Connection was the first Tamagotchi to feature infrared. This infrared technology allowed users to connect to visit each others Tamagotchi’s, send gifts, and more. Then we were introduced to NFC, or near field communication on the Tamagotchi 4U which turned out to not be too popular. NFC may not have been the most popular due to no backwards compatibility with legacy devices and the lack of a station such as the M!X Station. NFC cards were suppose to alleviate this pain point, but were not the saving grace.

So lets take a look at Bluetooth, why is Bandai giving us new connectivity? It’s all about that new Tamagotchi app apparently. This application will run on both iOS and Android and will give users (in Japan) the ability to send your Tamagotchi from your device to the application. Giving he users the ability to interact with other users, so you can play with your friends who live far away. Further information is not yet available, but we would imagine that you can go out for some food, trade gifts, and probably play games. What other functionality would you like to see on the application that would make it ideal?

Although no further information is available we just love to hear what you think in the comments below. We are definitely excited to hear that the Tamagotchi Meets will feature Bluetooth connectivity, and we can definitely say we are SUPER excited for this version!