Community guidelines

Welcome everyone to newest page for Tamagotchi/OriTama lovers.

I want this Tumblr page is strictly friendly with everyone, so here are some guidelines will comply.

Do not unauthorized reproduction my original content without the consent is strictly prohibited under Japanese law.

Do not upload, like, reblog the post unless you aren’t Tamagotchi lover

• Some Tamagotchi lovers may allowed to use my original illustration unless the permission is granted first.

• I will upload some information about Tamagotchi-related only within 24 hours a day.

• Do not submit any NSFW-related Tamagotchi illustration on this friendly blog, otherwise if you violated one or more.

The consequences will be restricted acces to this blog for limited and permanent time.

If you don’t comply those rules means you are violated too much rules now, it means you get permanent block!