You Could Be In Bandai’s Next Tamagotchi Comme…



Want to be in Bandai’s next Tamagotchi commercial? Well this could be your chance! A representative from Sideshow Productions has just reached out to inform us that they need a bunch of photos from Tamagotchi fans to be featured in the next commercial!

Now we think its safe to assume that this is for the upcoming P1 & P2 replica releases here in the United States, but we cannot confirm that at this time. Sideshow Productions is super excited because they never get to include fans in their ad work. They have the approval to give $100-$300  per Tamagotchi related photography licensing.

Here’s exactly what they’re looking for:

A. Any photos of kids with their Tamagotchi from the 1990’s

B. Any photo’s that you’re dressed up as Tamagotchi, Cosplay, Halloween, or even just wearing a few Tamagotchi’s as fashion accessories.

C. Any photos of a casket or funeral or burial for your beloved Tamagotchi that may have passed away too soon! (if it includes you crying at the event -that is a major plus)

D. A photo of you and your amazing Tamagotchi collection!

E. Anything you want to share that shows how much you love your Tamagotchi or what a hardcore fan you are.


Send your photographs to Jacob, and CC Feel free to reach out to Jacob with any questions that you might have. Let them know Tama-Palace sent you! Oh, and they’re looking for these by THIS WEEKEND! The early bird normally gets the worm, so send your photos ASAP, who knows, you might just be featured in the next commercial! How exciting!