UK: The Entertainer Lists P1 & P2 Replicas



The Entertainer, a popular toy store in the United Kingdom has just listed the P1 & P2 replicas on their website! The stars are all starting to align, especially if you live in the UK. The Entertainer’s website has just listed some of the P1 & P2 replicas that Bandai is releasing to wrap-up the 20th anniversary celebration.


Now all of the shell designs are not listed, and none of them can actually be ordered, or even pre-ordered quite yet. It just appears they have been added to their website in anticipation of the launch. As previously mentioned GameStop in the United States is not selling these devices in their stores until September 30th.

It’s also worth noting that retailers seem to be marketing this device as the “Tamagotchi Original” which should hopefully help consumers differentiate them from last years Mini. Also they are listed for £16 which is just around $20 USD.

As we hear more information we will be sure to fill you in! Finally some UK news!