Original Tamagotchi Package Comparison


Now that GameStop Ireland has released official images of the Tamagotchi P1 and P2 being relaunched this fall along with packaging, we’ve got something to look forward to! The devices themselves will be almost identical to their original counterparts from the 90’s with a few exceptions, but what about the packaging?

We want to take a further look into the packaging that these replicas will be housed in, and compare it to the original packaging from 1997-1998 here in the United States.

Tamagotchi P1 & P2 packaging in the United States are almost identical, they feature a slim box design with a flap that opens up to reveal the actual device itself behind enclosed in a plastic shell. The front of flap features the original Tamagotchi Logo along with the classic three cartoon images and the iconic tagline “the original virtual pet”. Inside the flap you’ll find the Tamagotchi story:

Tamagotchi is a tiny pet from cyberspace who needs your love to survive and grow. If you take good care of your Tamagotchi pet, it will slowly grow bigger, and healthier, and more beautiful every day. But if you neglect your little cyber creature, your Tamagotchi may grow up to be mean or ugly. How old will your Tamagotchi be when it returns to its home planet? What kind of virtual caretaker will be you?

The packaging of both P1 & P2 feature the cartoon Tamagotchi characters along with the Tamagotchi spaceship. The back of the packaging features an explanation of each button and items in the menu bar along with the different adult characters your Tamagotchi may grow up to be.

Now whats the P1 & P2 replica packaging like? Well, since we’ve got our hands on the 2018 San Diego Comic Con Convention Exclusives that have identical packaging to the ones spotted on GameStop’s website, we can speak to it.

This packaging is definitely high quality, it feels just like the original P1 & P2 packaging but without that front flap. It’s clear that Bandai wants shoppers to walk by these on shelves and be able to identify the toy itself, not relying too heavily on the logo. This packaging is much higher quality that the Mini’s that were released last year. Also, after you open the packaging you can definitely keep it somewhere save and preserve it, that was a bit difficult with the Mini’s.

We are really excited that Bandai has also chosen to feature the verbiage “Gen 1” or “Gen 2” on the front so fans are aware of the differences in the version, this will also be accommodating by different color packaging. The sides of the P1’s are a periwinkle blue/purple, and the P2’s sides are more of an aqua blue. Along with the generation, the front of the packaging also indicates which game it includes, all P1’s have the Character Game, and all the P2’s have the Number Game.

The back of the packaging lets you know about each item in the menu bar and what its function is. Along with the adult characters featured in the bottom right hand corner, this is super helpful for fans who may not remember which version features their favorite characters.

In all of the pictures shown online it would appear that these new boxes would need to be sitting on shelves, when actually theres a spot for a hangtag, so we should definitely see them hanging on shelves instead. We’re sure Bandai will design a new store display too.

Overall we are very happy with the new packaging. It’s similar to the 90’s packaging but has some changes, and best of all, its high quality. We can’t wait to hopefully see them on shelves this fall!