Toys “R” Us Officially Closes

Today is a very sad day for not only the Tamagotchi community, but toy fans all over the world. Toys “R” Us has officially closed all of their stores nationally in the United States. Why exactly is a Tamagotchi blog posting about this? How is this Tamagotchi news? Well, it goes beyond that. We have fond memories of purchasing Tamagotchi’s at Toys “R” Us over the years, and in memoriam we want to share them with our followers.

It all started back in August of 2004. The owners of Tama-Palace saw an advertisement in the newspaper for the relaunch of Tamagotchi with the new Tamagotchi Connection line. Being huge fans from the 90’s we planned a trip to New York City not only to see Ryan Cabrera, but to get our hands on the new Tamagotchi Connection, ‘more friends. more fun’.

This event brought the owners into the Tamagotchi community, a few years later, in 2006, Tama-Palace was born. Toys “R” Us really helped but Tamagotchi back on the map with this huge launch event, there were even Tamagotchi wrapped cars, and awesome custom made store displays (which we would have LOVED to get our hands on!). You can read a little bit more about that Toys “R” Us event here, we’ve even posted several pictures.

Fast forward a few years to the Tamagotchi Connection V3 launch, once we heard about the new V3 we RAN to Toys “R” Us back in 2006 to get our hands on it. We fondly remember seeing a large sign hanging from our local Toys “R” Us store ceiling that read “V3 Is Here!” with an image of TamaTown in the background and Mametchi’s prominent face. We couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on the V3 and enjoy TamaTown to the full extent. As we ran to the checkout line, the cashier at Toys “R” Us asked us “whats the deal with these?, everyone is coming in to purchase them. They’re flying off the shelves!”. We smiled, and said “Tamagotchi is back!”.

Then in 2007, the Tamagotchi Connection V4 was announced via a press release RIGHT before the holidays, a few week actually. We searched the internet high and low to get our hands on one for Christmas. Luckily the Toys “R” Us website got them in stock a mere two weeks before Christmas. Their V4’s were mostly sold out before we had the chance to order, so instead we took a trip to the very same local Toys “R” Us to get our hands on them, and we did find a FEW left… we purchased only one since our second favorite shell was no where to be found. We ordered the other one from Toys “R” Us’s website which was delivered the day after Christmas.

These are some of our most fond memories of Toys “R” Us, and as you can see its centered around Tamagotchi. Toys “R” Us was a huge part of the Tamagotchi community, and it will be missed forever. We want to hear your Tamagotchi Toys “R” Us stories in the comments below as we remember the good times.