Will P1 & P2 Replicas Confuse Buyers?



Bandai America blessed the United States with the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini back in November, some fans LOVED it, and others, were simply unimpressed. See, the Tamagotchi Mini was marketed as “Tamagotchi” leaving some fans of the original disappointed in its lack of features. Packaging does not specify too well that this is a model based off of the 2005 Tamagotchi Mini, and not the beloved 90’s version.

The shell designs are identical to the original ones released in Japan, and some here in the United States, which definitely did not help with the confusion. Now that we are seeing leaks that the P1 & P2 replicas are headed to the United States do you think buyers will be confused? Will buyers think this version also has limited functionality? Will they avoid purchasing them if they already have a Mini?


What could Bandai have done differently? Honestly, we believe that they should have just marketed the 2017 Mini has “Tamagotchi Mini”. This would definitely help with confusion, we just hope that the fans who are chasing the nostalgia of Tamagotchi won’t be discouraged from purchasing the replicas of the version they know very well from the 90’s. We want to hear your thoughts below in the comments!