2017 Tamagotchi P1 & P2 Appear in GameStop Inv…



Ladies and gentlemen, its the moment we’ve been waiting for! Bandai America has done an excellent job drowning us in every single series of the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini, but this time, it appears we’re getting the real deal.

A GameStop employee was snooping around the inventory system and discovered some new Tamagotchi products, specifically the 2017 P1 & P2 which were just released in Japan on November 23rd 2017 to wrap-up the 20th anniversary festivities.


A Tamagotchi fan on Imgur has posted images of the GameStop inventory showing off the new P1 & P2’s which are scheduled to hit shelves on August 15th 2018! Although this seems pretty far out, its uncertain whether there will be pre-orders. There are a whole bunch of shell designs that have been leaked on a popular toy website, Toy Panic. Theres a mix of original shells you’ve seen in the late 90’s in the United States along with some new designs too.

It appears that Bandai will be branding these as “Tamagotchi Original”, which they believe will differentiate them from the 2017 Mini. The list price for the 2017 P1 & P2’s are set at $19.99, merely $5.00 more than the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini’s. If you ask us, the additional functionality is well worth $5.00. These are sure to be a hot collectors item and definitely will be a great gift for the 2018 holiday season.

We are so excited to hear about this and believe this will truly bring back the nostalgia we’ve been envying Bandai for releasing in Japan. It looks like its about to be an AWESOME summer! Take a look at the shells above, which one is your favorite?, let us know in the comments below!

Here are the official shell design names:

Top Row: 

– Light Green Glitter (P2)

– Leopard (P2)

– Original Pink/Yellow (P1)

– Original White/Black (P1)

– Original Blue/Silver (P2)

– Japanese Logo (P2)

– Original Transparent Blue (P1) – Original Pink/White (P2)

Bottom Row:

– Original Yellow Blue (P2)

– Red Glitter (P1)

– Mermaid (P1)

– Galaxy (P2)

– Black (P2)

– Unicorn (P1) 

– Tiger (P1)


Oh wow, a mix of old designs and some completely new ones. I’m hyped. 👍