Tamagotchi Booth at 2018 Tokyo Toy Show


Bandai Japan has just announced that they will be participating in the 2018 Tokyo Toy Show! Bandai Japan has been participating for many years now, you may even remember them showing off the new Tamagotchi M!X back in 2016 shortly after announcing it.

The 2018 Tokyo Toy Show will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight on June 9th, and 10th. At Bandai’s Tamagotchi booth you’ll find a Tamagotchi M!X spot, which are those black Tamagotchi M!X’s that you can connect with to get exclusive content. Similar to last year you’ll be able to meet Coffretchi, and if your Tamagotchi is a male, you can even marry her! Also, there will be a Tamagotchi M!X generator at the booth, where you can mix the genetics of two Tamagotchi’s and even get a sticker of your very own mix!

Both of these exhibits were present at the Tamagotchi booth back in 2017, so it doesn’t appear to offer any new goodies. Bandai is not expected to showcase any new products at the Tokyo Toy Show, but one must wonder when we will see the next version of Tamagotchi!

If we hear anything exciting we’ll be sure to post all about it, stay tuned!